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We are the Best Sigiriya Hotel & Hostel. Step into a world of warmth and enchantment as you are welcomed to The Monkey Garden, your haven in the heart of Sigiriya. We are a friendly bunch in the middle of Sigiriya Jungle surrounded by full nature just a stones through away from Kayanwela Lake and only 1.5km from Sigiriya Bus Station!

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The Monkey Garden

Best Sigiriya Hotel & Hostel

We have a large garden where you can walk around, chill in a hammock, read a book or simply sit with a cup of tea and watch the nature around you!

We also have a big peaceful balcony with views of Sigiriya where you can unwind and do some yoga or meditation!

There is a clean water running river next to our place where you can take a natural bath and immerse into real jungle life!

From the moment you arrive you will be in a safe, serene and comfortable environment ready to unwind!

“Experience the difference as we redefine hospitality in the heart of Sigiriya, providing a haven that goes beyond expectations. The Monkey Garden is not just a destination; it’s a revelation waiting to be explored.”

Your Gateway to Ultimate Chill

Chill in Style at The Monkey Garden

Elevate your Sigiriya experience by joining The Monkey Garden – where chilling reaches new heights. Immerse yourself in an ambiance of tranquility, surrounded by lush greenery and soothing vibes. Our sanctuary beckons you to unwind, offering a haven away from the hustle and bustle. Discover the art of chilling in style with us, as we redefine relaxation in the enchanting setting of Sigiriya.

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The Beat Goes On

Music, Laughter, and Memorable Moments

Let the rhythm of Sigiriya guide you to The Monkey Garden, where entertainment takes center stage. Our vibrant events showcase a spectrum of music, ensuring every moment is filled with soulful tunes and lively beats. From local talents to eclectic performances, our entertainment calendar is a celebration of diverse artistry. Revel in the joyous atmosphere, where laughter and good times flow freely.

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